Good Morning

My name is Naomi Rubin and I draw queer characters and worlds full of islands floating in the sky.

Here's a diary comic about the last day of Pride month, 2017.

Diary comic page outlining last day of pride checklist. Transcription below.

Title: Last Day of Pride 2017 Checklist
Panel One: Listen to Octo Octa as much as possible at work.
Panel Two: Remind you that Beyond Press is publishing a queer erotica anthology called "Passion Fruit."
Panel Three: My story "Bea is for Bondage" will be in it next year. I'm working on it now!
Panel Four: Remember that everyday is a day to be proud to be queer.
Panel Five: Which is also a reminder to resist any message that being queer isn't something to be proud of.

I created a story about using bondage to play with gender presentation that's going to be in the Passion Fruit anthology from Beyond Press. This project is currently in production. More on that soon!

I’m also currently doing game art for the feminist future history JRPG: Rise of the Eagle Princess by Ododon Games. During the day, I do front-end web development at Cast Iron Coding. I've just started a major new build of this website (last updated 2017/7/3), and there aren't places to put comics/art yet, so in the meantime please follow me on Instagram for progress drawings and art (about 3-4 times a week). Or Twitter for that plus texty thoughts.

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