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Copper on the Beat: A Bit of Fry and Laurie 4th Season Favorite

Animated gif of Hugh Laurie dressed as a police officer dancing and prancing

Nathan has oft requested that I make him this gif.

Yes, it’s a large gif of Hugh Laurie as a police man, dancing and prancing about.
If you haven’t seen “A Bit of Fry and Laurie,” get thee to the Netflix!

Art Show September 5th at Wells & Verne

Naomi Rubin Art Show at Wells and Verne Front of Postcard

I’m excited to announce that this coming Friday, Sept 5th, there will be an art show of my work at Wells & Verne in Sellwood.
The show will feature original illustrations and comic pages.

I can’t thank Panda Lang enough for giving me an opportunity to show my work in her amazing shoppe of neo-victorian wonder. I’ve been a fan of the space since I discovered it and took Captain La Carmina there when she toured our river-city last fall.

Details: 6:30 – 9pm (sharp!) at Wells & Verne: 8315 SE 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97202
Here’s an event page for Facebookin’
Festivities will include, but are not limited to beverages and live-drawing spooky things on the walls and guests.

Prints and originals will be available all month, but to celebrate the opening I will be giving away download codes for “Canon Alberic’s Scrapbook” with purchase (any store purchase, not just art). I hope to see you there.

Naomi Rubin Art Show at Wells and Verne Rear of Postcard

Fanart Friday: Reggie Watts Making Breakfast

A pen and inkwash drawing of musical comedian Reggie Watts making a large stack of pancakes at an oven styled after his trademark sound looping machine

I’ve been wanting to draw Reggie Watts for a long time (you can click the image to see it full screen). When I was drawing this, a few people asked “Who is that?”
If you too are wondering who Reggie Watts is, you should probably watch this (self-aware profanity laden) video. And this one. And you know, buy his music/media if you like it!

Eight Legged Fuzzy Dream Pig

Two drawings of an eight legged long pig covered in fur with mole teeth.  One of the pig walking near a mini-garden, <a href=no rx and another with it curled up, showing all eight feet.” width=”621″ height=”780″ class=”bleedImage” />

Last night I dreamed of this animal, slowly approaching some house I was in. I turned around and quickly asked my 9th grade world history teacher if he had summoned the creature.

“Of course!” He replied, cheerfully, brandishing a bucket of wood chips covered in honey, that he obviously used to magically call to the long, dark-haired pig.

Later myself or someone picked up the pig to expose that it had eight legs underneath (two full sets of pig legs) and weird mole teeth.

Fanart Friday: Did You Say Scooter? Shay from Broken Age

Pen and inkwash fanart drawing of the character Shay from the digital game Broken Age. In the drawing, teenager Shay is riding a little kid's scooter.

The first of what’s sure to be plenty of Broken Age fanart. Mega thanks to Brian Wolf and Caitlin Like (who is taking commissions by the way) for the suggestion.

Pen and inkwash drawing of Naomi shaking a gloved fist while riding a bicycle. Text reads: Tried to flip off a traffic violator in thick, <a href=find wool gloves.” width=”621″ height=”621″ class=”bleedImage”/>

SE 20th/21st and Division is a busy intersection. Click on the drawing to see full screen.