Comic page 06 posted June 04, 2018

When I wrote this page, I had a weird bonus comic in my head where this page was narrated again but kind of from Mapel's perspective, whereby Mapel (instead of this piquant zinger) exclaimed to Val and Auggie that "I'm doing what I want - you're not my parental units!" Val and Auggie reacted vacantly, not sure what to make of the statement until Mapel explained, "That's a joke."
"It's not really a joke if you have to explain it," Val replied.
On top of this comic I'd write a note pointing out that the above comment about jokes is something my mom and dad have both advised me a number of times. Which is funny because of the parent thing and oh, oops um...

Also I want to say so many warm sunset thank yous to everyone who came by to check out or pickup a copy of Moonsprout Station from Olympia Comics Festival. The convention crowd was so friendly, and I got to talk with more than a few folks about the themes that go into Moonsprout Station and its world, leaving me with strong ideas about what I want to talk about in the story. Thank you for supporting queer comics 🏳️‍🌈! Special thank yous to Becky and Barry (of SuperButch) for being con buddies, knowing where the tasty food is, and making the trip up from Portland.

Update: While we were in Olympia, Moonsprout Station was picked up by the Lacey Timberland Library. So please check it out there if you happen to be in town. There should also be a couple of copies at Danger Room if you want to bring one home (and never return it muwahahaha🔥).

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