Comic page 13 posted July 30, 2018

If this page looks a little different from the last few, there are a couple of reasons! The last several pages were, for the most part, drawn in pencil quite a while ago and then saved to be inked and shaded later. This page, on the other hand, is almost entirely new art made just recently. With months of time and practice in between, I'd like to think the artwork on this page is a bit more refined and considered. I hope so!

I'm also trying a slightly new workflow on this page, which involves drawing most of the final lines in pencil before shading (instead of shading on top of a printed blue-line). This, I think, may be a more subtle difference, but I like it so far. Having more lines means less detailed painting, which I don't love, but it saves a lot of time, so I'm hoping this is a good compromise.

Did you notice anything different? What do you think of the new style? Please let me know in the comments below!

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