Shop products (like prints, stitched goodies, etc.) are still in the planning stage, but in the meantime you can always order a comission!

Art Commissions
I draw all sorts of things. Would you like me to draw something for you? Perhaps a favorite character from Domestic Animal or world history? Yourself? Your friend? Commissions are affordable and fun! Order often.

Here is what’s available:
Black and White (with gray shading): $25.00
Full color: $45.00

Want to order one? just send me an e-mail with your idea and I’ll get back to you with timing and payment info. Oh and, US shipping is Free! (Outside the US, we’ll talk).

All commissions are hand drawn, all though full color drawings may in rare cases be digital prints depending on my location (i.e. If I have markers around). In such cases you will still get the hand drawn ink version in addition to a digital print.
P.S. I really doubt you’d commission if you weren’t familiar with my art style, but if you aren’t, please have a look at my blog and/or comic before making a request.