Comic page 08 posted June 18, 2018

Over the next few weeks I'll be translating these finished Moonsprout Station pages into Japanese. Urr, actually I've already translated most of them (Naomi wrote some hard puns) and am almost ready to start putting the Japanese dialogue in.

In my great foresight, I drew all of the sound effects with both English and Japanese sound words. The Japanese version of the comic will be flipped horizontally so it reads properly with vertical Japanese layout. So... all of the sound effects would be backwards, and are going to get redrawn. spoO!

I've been posting Moonsprout Station on Monday afternoons for a little while, so I wanted to check in and ask: When do you tend to read comics? If you don't mind sharing, when and how do you read this one? And of course if there are other comics you think I (or others) should be reading, please share.