Comic page 14 posted July 07, 2018

This page uses the same finishing style as the previous one (with an initial clean pencil outline before inking), but this time I also had a chance to try out a new production style as well.

For most of the pages so far, I have done nearly-finished pencils on a smaller sheet of paper and then expanded and printed them onto a fresh watercolor sheet using Photoshop. For this one, I created a template on a large sheet of drawing paper that was at the exact size of the final art, did the penciling on there, and then traced it onto watercolor paper without any scanning/printing steps in between. As such, this is the first Moonsprout page where the final art had absolutely no digital intervention (though I did look at a perspective model when I drew the last panel).
For a simple page like this, it was swift and empowering not having any digital steps in production, but I wouldn't do it every time, especially not on a text heavy page. It's a nice feeling, though, that I can experiment and change my workflow depending on the page content and still end up with what I think is a very consistent look in the end. What do you think?

Also! Do you want to see the chunky 3d model I made of this hallway to help me draw in perspective?